Sign Policy

Sign Policy

Pilesgrove-Woodstown Recreation Association

Pilesgrove-Woodstown Recreation Association (hereafter “PWRA”)


The purpose of this policy is to allow non-profit organizations who conduct recreation programs at Marlton Park to include sponsor identification on signs and to establish criteria for displaying such signs at Marlton Park during that organization’s designated season.


Organizations may place signs on their designated building, fence, or other designated structure.

Sign Specifications:

Each sign may be no more than 3 feet in width and 5 feet in length. Signs must be constructed of PVC vinyl sheeting approximately 3/8” inch in thickness. Signs must be securely attached to buildings, fencing, or structures designated for the organization.

Sign Content:

Sign content and graphic are subject to PWRA approval and PWRA reserves the right to reject any sign at its sole discretion. The sign’s advertisement must comply with all state and local laws, rules, and regulations. Signs are to be acknowledgment of and not advertisements for the sponsors. All persuasive language is expressly prohibited. For example, a sign may acknowledge Joe’s Diner and include the address or phone number of the establishment; however, it shall not say “Eat at Joe’s Diner” as additional wording will be presumed to be an advertisement. Additionally, the sign content and graphic must be suitable for all ages. Further, a sign must NOT contain text, graphic, or both that:
*Depicts pr promotes alcohol, tobacco, or firearms
*Supports or opposes a candidate, issue, or cause.
*That is unlawful, obscene, indecent, or contains sexual content

Maintenance Responsibilities:

Organizations are responsible for the installation and upkeep of all signs. PWRA will not be responsible for any damage or vandalism to the signs. PWRA reserves the right to determine if a sign is not in an acceptable condition and remove the sign if necessary at the expense of the organization.

Scoreboard Advertising:
Scoreboard advertising is not covered with in this policy. Requests for scoreboard advertising will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.

Painted Signs/Murals:
Painted signs/murals must meet all other requirements laid out in this policy. Requests will be approved on a case by case basis by the PWRA and must also be reviewed and approved by Township Committee. Maintenance of any approved painted signs is the responsibility of the organization that received the approval. No painted sign/mural should be chipped, peeled, or faded. If the maintenance is not kept up by the organization, the Township Committee can enforce the painting be removed or covered up at the cost of the organization.

Procedure-Sign Request:
Request for signs must be submitted in writing to the Pilesgrove-Woodstown Recreation Association, 1180 Route 40, Pilesgrove NJ 08098 or emailed to [email protected]. Painted/Murals must also be submitted to Township Committee, 1180 Route 40, Pilesgrove NJ 08098 or emailed to [email protected]. See attached Sign Application form. Request for display of signs must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to posting to allow enough time to approve content and graphics. By signing the Sign Application, the organization agrees to all requirements in this policy.